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ES CO., LTD. is a lighting manufacturer putting safety and the environment in priority

Industrial Safety Lights

Product Overview

We secured intellectual property rights (LIGHTING DEVICE WITH LIGHTS THAT CAN SLIDE ALONG THE RAILS, patent registration: No. 2195316, product name: industrial safety light) for solving fundamentally the problems with lighting installation and maintenance in industrial fields.

The industrial safety light (Rail Mounted Sliding Pole) employs the up & down function to go down a lighting device to a breast level and to maintain lights more safely and conveniently. In particular, it was developed in the most consideration of explosion resistance and safety. 

Purpose of application
  • A lighting device in an industrial field is installed in a high position. At the time of maintenance work, there are the high risks of falls and falling objects. At the time of installation, flame scattering may cause a fire.
  • If the lighting device based on a fixture pole fails and needs to be repaired, it is required to install a scaffold, deploy a safety guard, and take measures of safety protection. Therefore, it takes higher cost and longer time.
  • Along with enhanced explosion-proof criteria, it is necessary to upgrade in accordance with installation standards. In addition, there are more demands for the change from metal halogen lights to LED lights intensively.
  • Accordingly, the industrial safety light is designed to support a user’s easy access as a lighting device, and helps to improve work conditions basically. Therefore, it secures safety and remarkably saves time and cost at work.
Product features & advantages

Perfect support in accordance with enhanced explosion-proof criteria

  • In July 2018, Explosion Proof Equipment Installation Criteria (KGS GC-102) were enhanced. The explosion-proof lights installed before Jan. 2019 fail to meet the installation criteria. In accordance with the enhanced criteria, they need to be improved (causes attributable).
  • The junction box is designed to move to the upper side in order to minimize the explosion-proof zone, and it helps to save materials and perfectly blocks water inflow. 

Zero safety accident

  • The up & down function helps to solve unsafe work conditions fundamentally and to prevent falls and accidents of falling objects. 
  • Since it is possible to install the product with no need of flame prevention work, there is no risk of fire caused by flame scattering.
  • It helps to prevent musculoskeletal diseases caused by unstable postures, so that it contributes to health care. 

It remarkably saves time and cost

  • The Ministry of Employment and Labor and Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency fully prohibit the use of ladders for work at various fields from Jan. 1, 2019. Therefore, to replace lighting devices, it is required to install safety boards (horse scaffolds, or portable scaffolds), or to use a high-rise vehicle. Therefore, the product helps to provide the solutions to maintenance problem and cost-rising problem. 
  • Since the up & down function of the lighting pole requires no safety measures, it is excellent at maintenance.
  • It is easy to clean the lighting pole at all times. The product also helps to improve work conditions at fields, since it is possible to secure illumination.

Extension of use period twofold

  • Since the material of the product upgraded from carbon steel to SUS-304, Aluminum Alloy, its lifespan lengthens from 4-5 years to 10 years or more.
  • The reason why the material is changed despite a rise in manufacturing cost is that the main causes of the product are corrosion-induced explosion and water inflow. 
Problems arising if conventional lighting devices are used

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