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ES CO., LTD. is a lighting manufacturer putting safety and the environment in priority

Utility Street Light

Product Overview

The utility street lighting pole with up & down and rotation functions is the patented product designed to be installed and maintained easily. It is used in urban areas, public facilities, express highways, traffic lights,
sign boards, and CCTVs.
(Patent registration: No. 10-2254556, Streetlight pole that can rotate and elevate the arm)

Purpose of application
  • This product is aimed at preventing traffic jams and accidents caused by road occupation at the time of installing and maintain street lights, fall accidents at the time of high-rise work, short circuit accidents caused by high voltage wire contact, and other safety accidents.
  • The utility street light solves the above problems, secures workers’ safety, improves workability, and provides multiple functionalities for users.
Product features & advantages

No need of road occupation

No need of high-rise work

Safety cost saving

  • No need of high-rise work crane, special vehicle, and safety guards

Promotion effect

  • Regional products by local governments
  • Event structures and design advertising

Easy new installation and maintenance

  • Module-type product composition
  • Bed excavation at the first installation, the installation of the top after the installation of the bottom of the lighting pole
  • Easy maintenance through the up & down and rotation of the upper lighting device

Easy work in the places with difficult high-rise vehicle access, such as islands and mountains

Main application areas

Utility Street Light

[Road Promotion/Advertising Effect]
[Road Promotion/Advertising Effect]

Utility Smart Street Light

1) Smart Industrial Complex

2) Smart City

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