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ES CO., LTD. is a lighting manufacturer putting safety and the environment in priority

All-in-one Solar Street Light

Product Overview

This all-in-one (solar cell board, battery, and LED light) street light product can go up and down. This product can be installed in mountains, park trails, islands, coastal roads, seawalls, and islands with poor electricity infrastructure, with no need of separate electrical devices.
For maintenance, its upper device can go up and down with the simple use of a motor drill. Therefore, it features safe, easy, and fast workability. 

Product features and advantages

All-in-one Solar Lighting Module

  • Easy module-based replacement and repair

Lithium-iron phosphate battery

  • Fast charging and lightweight
  • Excellent performance at -20~50°
  • 4-hour charging and 10-hour operation

No need of separate wires and electric devices

  • Usable with no need of electricity in islands, coastal lines, seawalls, and park trails

Easy-to-operate up & down function

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Easy solar collector cleaning
  • LED light cleaning -> Secure illumination 

Roaming control

  • Daytime and nighttime auto recognition
  • Auto human recognition Light On/Light Reduction
Application areas 
  1. Fishing villages, islands, and places with poor electricity infrastructure
  2. No need of separate electricity through 4.5 hour charging and 10-hour operation
  3. Electricity use saving in fishing villages and islands
  4. Easy installation and maintenance in mountains, coastal areas, and places with difficult high-rise vehicle access

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