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ES CO., LTD. is a lighting manufacturer putting safety and the environment in priority

Eco-friendly Hybrid Street Light

Product Overview

The eco-friendly hybrid street light can be installed and maintained easily installed in mountains, park trails, islands, coastal roads, seawalls, and islands with poor electricity infrastructure, with no need of separate electrical devices.

Purpose of application

This product has the eco-friendly independent power generation function with hybrid type (solar power and wind power) and is usable with no separate need of electricity. Its upper device can go up and down with the simple use of a motor drill. It has many advantages.

  • Easy and fast workability and work safety
  • Smart lighting management
  • Self-diagnosis and remote monitoring (PC & Mobile)
Product features & advantages

Hybrid typed power generation (solar power/ spiral-type wind power generation)

  • Hybrid-type solution to the problem of insufficient solar power in domestically environmental conditions (a low amount of sunshine in winter, continuous rainy spell, snow/rain/cloudy weather, etc.)

Lithium-ion Phosphate Battery (max power point tracking charging, MPPT)

  • Low power loss if discharged; chargeable at low voltage (snow, rain, cloudy weather)
  • When charged and discharged, strong impact resistance (compared to lithium-ion); no risk of explosion

Minimum power use and convenient usability (smart lighting control)

  • Easy light on/off control through daytime and nighttime auto-recognition
  • Diming control based on microwave-type human detection 

    Optional     A manager’s easy field access and repair work through self-diagnosis and remote monitoring

 Future plan   With the improved IoT & ICT based smart controller function, our product will be applied to smart city street lights with security camera and emergency call functions for dangerous zones. 

Application areas

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